Thursday, 11 June 2009


I had two tags for this LO. The idea to do the tag was to cut the paper into two rectangles, screw up them, and then write them as if they were one .. I liked the result.

flowers by paper

When you don't have flowers, try to create them using paper..

stapler and ribbons

What I most liked in this LO, was the idea to use the stapler in the ribbons. I saw it in a magazine, so I decided to do ..


When I bought this paper, had no idea what to do, because I couldn't cover the fireworks, but I didn't found another way. At the end, I liked.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Parking at Disney - Yes, take a picture !

The Disney World parking lots are huge. Magic Kingdom and EPCOT are part of the biggest parking lots in the world. So, take a picture of where you parked each day. On the end of a fun day, you will be not sure if you parked at "Goofy 23" ...or "Pluto 11". Especially if you rented a car and you only remenber what color is (in this case, take also a picture of the car on first day...).

ceremony of marriage

Another interesting thing here is the ceremony of marriage.They don't need necessarily be in a church.
They can be for example in a square in the bandstand, like this picture... This day specifically I saw a marriage in a boat..

playground and sea

Something that has a lot here is playground.. Gui is loving, now imagine a playground without too much kids, where the view is the sea..
These playground, for instance, is public and the conservation is great, and all of them are similar.

Photos of cbd

Folks, behind me is the Flinders Street Station, central railway station of the suburban rail network of Melbourne, parto fo City Loop (with other 4 railway station around CBD), and it is huge, reminds a little of the Estação da Luz, isn't it?
Here, they call the downton by CBD
(Central Business District).

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Having fun

Traffic signs and arrows are mixed in this page, and the result was very nice..

Everest - face the legend

Like I said before, save all the souveniers, tickets,etc . On this page, I used the ticket parking that had the name of the ride.

Double Page

Here a double page with the theme pirates and princesses ...
it is clear that you will also find a small prince in pictures.

Character autographs

On this page I printed several small photos of all autographs with characters... Gave a nice effect

Doing Gardening

Me and my son in front of our home. In this day the weather was too cold, and we have decided do gardening. In Australia we can only use reusable water, and I always save the water from the laundry machine.

I never imagined doing gardening, because I always lived in apartments, so it is a novelty for me.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

FREE Disney Vacation Planning DVD

There is a FREE Disney DVD that could help your plans to go Disney. It can take awhile to arrive, like around 30 days, and is only avaiable if you are in one of these nations: US, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ.

Links Walt Disney World:
US & Canadian residents
UK residents
Australia & NZ residents

Links Disneyland in California:
US & Canadian residents
Australia & NZ residents

Links Disney Cruise Line:
US & Canadian residents

It is a not a complete guide, or a step by step guide. But is a very nice material : shows each park, hotel options, main attractions. And a lot of very good scenes !

New ideas to print your photo

Try to print the photo in a plain piece of vellum, you can use eyelets to fix the paper. Then sit the vellum behind the mathed photo.

Tea box

It's very usefull, and gives a charm to your kitchen...


The best thing at scrapbooking is that you can do whatever you want for to show your feelings and make your home a better place to live..


I made this diary for my niece, and here the trick is to use a lot of ribbons, colorful, and combine patterned paper off-cuts.

Orkut Community

Lulis'Blog already have a community at online community Orkut.

Join us. Link below:


Make your own embelishment. Here, I made Easter eggs, using cardstock, ribbons and glitter.., and sets them 0n tags.., very simple..

One photo

I love to make LOs with one photo, because they get always clean. Simple works best here.

Hopi Hari

It's a good idea to keep folders, invites, souveniers which reminds a place, person or occasion to use in your LOs. In this I used the passport that Hopi Hari gave us.

Friday, 29 May 2009


I posted some ideas to do page for grandparents...

Epcot - world show case

If you are going to visit Epcot, specially the World Show Case, don't forget to buy the passport. You can get it stamped in each country that you visit, plus a native will write a message in their language for you.
Other funny idea is take pictures with the large variety of hats from each country.


I love this page, specially the photo. At time, I was pregnant, and for me, is the best picture of my pregnancy..

An idea to gift

This tray I made to give to my mother-in-law at Christmas, and she liked too much... Just a tip: I used pimaco transparent to cover the picture, and protect against probable liquids.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Pictures - Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Magic Kingdom)

Just a picture...yes where dreams come true!

Theme Park: Magic Kingdom

Attraction: Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Tips: usually have big lines

Picture Tip: who will take the picture, get the Dumbo in front of who will be at picture. At line, asks to use 2 different Dumbos to have a good picture - cast menbers will not say no for you !

Friday, 15 May 2009

Australia day by day

Here, I'll post some news about this new experience.

Scrapbook lovers

I decided to create a post dedicated to scrapbook for those who are addicted like me..., so I will show some works and tips that I have done and learnt.

Disney's tips

This topic has the purpose to give you a lot of tips for your next Disney vacation, based on our own experience.