Friday, 25 February 2011

Sunny days

Hello friends, this is one of my latest LO. I made last weekend in the Maria's  crop.  Maria makes wonderful works. If you want to see her talent , visit her blog at  Maria, thank you for the great time..

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


It's so interesting to see how the Dinossaur Age fascinate all of us, specially the kids. My son was two years old in this picture but he was not afraid from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, instead of it, he was fascinated by it and continues until now.

Never Say Never

I always say "Never say Never". It is so simple and at the same time so strong, and I fully believe that everything is possible, depends only of you. I was listening the radio when I discovered this music sang by Justin Bieber and I instantly became a fan from the lyric. After that, I decided to use this song in my LO. I hope you like it.

Christmas time

The best part of Christmas is receive Santa Claus with our family and see that we can believe in our dreams because everything is possible.

The idea for this LO was too keep the first letter that my son wrote to Santa by himself . I made a cover to put the letter inside and keep it safe. It's a good way to preserve our memories and wishes.

I came back

Sorry friends, after a long time I came back and now I pretend stay and improve this blog with a lot of ideas and information. I promise that I'll do my best ...
I have made some good LOs, and I show you some of them
Don't give up and continue to visit my blog
  see you