Saturday, 30 April 2011

Downtow Disney

A good idea to remember the name of the places that you have visited is to make a page like that.  In this case, when we visited Downtow Disney there was a lot of bars, pubs, and I am terrible to remember the name of all places that was there, so I made this page and I wrote the name of all places we visited. 

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Sweet dreams

The only thing worth steeling is a kiss from a sleeping child!

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Father & son

When I made this page, I wanted to create a effect of waves reaching the beach, then I cutted the paper and glued piece over piece. 
This was my first page about beach, and the photo shows my hubby and my son together looking to the big blue ocean, enjoying this wonderful moment together, as father and son.
Everybody deserves moments like this. These moments make the life worthwhile.

Crazy for dogs

We are crazy for dogs, no matter its colour, race or size, we love these loyal friends

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The sounds of forest

My son really likes to play musical instruments. This day he played drums and he got completely amazed with  the loud sound that he was doing.
We were in the Animal Kingdom, at Disneyworld , more precisely in  "Africa", and he stayed at least 30 minutes playing drum. He caught attention from everybody that was walking around there. It was memorable!!

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People used to say that the time we spend in the University is the best part of our life. I prefer to think that is a unforgetable part of our life. 
Saudade  is a word that exists only in portuguese, there is no translation to other languages, and means a mix of happy and sad feelings that we have when we think about something or someone that we loved and has a long time we haven't see this person or thing.

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Monday, 25 April 2011

Star Wars

We are fans of the saga Star Wars and when we visited the Holywood Studios we had a chance to play with some toys of Star Wars like this big mask of Darth Vader which my son was wearing. Also my hub made this double saber.
As  I hadn't many  embellishments related to Star Wars I printed the epilogue of Star Wars IV in a transparency and I used like a journaling. 

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Family gathering

Primo is the word for cousin in english..
We had a wonderful weekend in family when we took this photo. It was one of the single moments  when all members of a big family can spend time together , and all the cousins could play with each other , enjoy and had fun despite the difference of age between them.

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Hugs & Kisses

I like this LO, because I would like to do something that could enphasize the photo. This photo of my son and his uncle shows how they like each other.

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Meeting Minnie

Turn unforgetable moments into pages is one of the most important  gratifications of making scrapbook.
 It was a amazing day when we met Minnie in her house. 

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Friday, 22 April 2011

Challenge #149 Creative Scrappers

I made this page based on challenge#149 from Creative Scrappers.
It was the first time that I used ballons to write the journalling.
I was missing to do colourful pages. I hope you enjoy it.

This is the sketch

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Challenge of Cyntia

This page was really a challenge for me. The main rule is use only patterned papers, but I used a colours pallete that I am not used. 
The photo was taken at Sea World, and it really was a unforgetable day for me, because a dream came true, and I could touch this wonderful dolphin.

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Challenge Creative Scrappers #152

I made this L.O. using as source of inspiration the sketch #152 from Creative Scrapper.
I used papers from Crate Paper.
I loved this photo from my son. He was climbing stairs and we asked him to stop, and he turned back and made this funny face. Luckly, we were waiting with the camera.

This is the sketch

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Flying with Dumbo

I made this layout for a long time, but today my husband said it was one of he most liked until now.
He took this picture when me and son were playing in the Flying with Dumbo at Magic Kingdom. He tried to get the picture including the Cinderela Castle behind of us.

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Challenge Once Upon a Sketch

I made this page using the sketch from Once Upon a Sketch. I love this photos from my son, he is so wonderful, he is always concerned about nature, even living in a big and poluted city, he helps me take care of our green. 

This is the sketch
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Thursday, 14 April 2011

New blog and competition

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