Sunday, 18 March 2012

First class of many!

Hi friends!!!! I am very excited, this weekend I had my first scrapbooking class here in Australia!!!!! I had the privilege to participating in a class of Steph Devlin, she is a lovely scrapbooker here in Adelaide, and her projects are fabulous.  
I was thinking that the moments that we stopped a little our daily duties, and we dedicate this little space of time to make things that make us feel  good are essential to our lives. 
I was missing to dedicate this time to make scrapbooking specially with others scrappers, learning new techniques, chatting  and sharing these special moments where our feelings and creativity are basic ingredients to make a wonderful page.
Talking about wonderful page, this was the project that Steph taught during her class..It is lovely, isn't?

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to comment!!!


Cyntia said...

Lulis ficou lindo seu projeto.... Achei legal vc dedicar uma parte do seu tempo para fazer algo "scrap"
Beijos e saudades

Magda Machado said...

Lu querida! Que lindo !!! Amei!muitas saudades deste tempo feliz e tão gostoso!!!Vó Maga.

Anonymous said...

Really loved this new one, congrats and keep sharing with us.